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Dr. Gonen Sharon
Dr. Gonen Sharon

Projects and Research Interests
  • Gesher Benot Ya‘aqov Acheulian site project
  • Lower Paleolithic of the Levant
  • Lithic technology
  • Experimental archaeology
  • Early prehistory of Africa
  • Excavation of the Mousterian site at the outlet of the Mahanayeem stream to the Jordan River (NMO)



Goren-Inbar, N. and G. Sharon (editors)
Axe Age: Acheulian Tool-making from Quarry to Discard. Equinox, London.

Sharon, G
Acheulian Large Flake Industries: Technology, Chronology, and Significance. BAR (British Archaeological Reports) International Series 1701. Archaeopress, Oxford.

Papers, Reports, Thesis and Film

Ashkenazi, S., H. Mienis and G. Sharon
2006 The freshwater and land mollusc assemblage of the Epipaleolithic site of Gesher Benot Ya´aqov. Unpublished Report to the Israel Antiquity Authority.

Goren-Inbar, N. and G. Sharon
2006 Invisible Handaxes and Visible Acheulian Biface Technology at Gesher Benot Ya´aqov, Israel. In Axe Age: Acheulian Tool-making from Quarry to Discard, edited by N. Goren-Inbar and G. Sharon, pp. 111-135. Equinox, London.

Goren-Inbar, N., G. Sharon, N. Alperson-Afil and I. Laschiver
2008 The Acheulian Massive Scrapers of Gesher Benot Ya´aqov - A Product of the Bifaces’ Chaîne Opératoire. Journal of Human Evolution 55. 702-712.

Goren-Inbar, N., G. Sharon, Y. Melamed and M. Kislev
2002 Nuts, Nut Cracking, and Pitted Stones at Gesher Benot Ya´aqov, Israel. PNAS 99(4):2455-2460.

Madsen, B., G. Sharon and N. Goren-Inbar
2003 The Cutting Edge - A Million Years of Stone Technology. Educational Film. Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem.

Sharon, G.
2000 Acheulian Basalt Tools of Gesher Benot Ya´aqov: Experimental and Technological Study. Unpublished Masters Thesis, Hebrew University.

Sharon, G.
2006 Acheulian Large Flake Industries: Technology, Chronology, Distribution and Significance. Ph.D Dissertation, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Sharon, G.
2008 The impact of raw material on Acheulian large flake production. Journal of Archaeological Science 35(5):1329-1344.

Sharon, G.
In Press. It Only Looks Simple: Éclat entame – An Acheulian Giant Core Method from Ternifine. In : Les cultures à bifaces du Pléistocène inférieur et moyen dans le mond. Emergence du sens de l’harmonie, edited by H. de Lumley, Tautavel, France.

Sharon, G.
In Press. Acheulian Giant Core Technology – a World Perspective. Current Anthropology.

Sharon, G.
In Press. New Acheulian Locality North of Gesher Benot Ya´aqov – Contribution for the Study of the Levantine Acheulian. In: The Lower and Middle Palaeolithic in the Middle East and Neighboring Regions, edited by J.-M. Le Tensorer. ERAUL, Basel, Switzerland.

Sharon, G. and P. Beoumont
2006 Victoria West - A Highly Standardized Prepared Core Technology. In Axe Age: Acheulian Tool-making from Quarry to Discard, edited by N. Goren-Inbar and G. Sharon, pp. 181-199. Equinox, London.

Sharon, G., C. S. Feibel, S. Belitzky, O. Marder, H. Khalaily and R. Rabinovich
2002 1999 Jordan River Drainage Project Damages Gesher Benot Ya´aqov: A Preliminary Study of the Archaeological and Geological Implications. In Eretz Zafon - Studies in Galilean Archaeology, edited by Z. Gal, pp. 1-19. Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem.

Sharon, G. and N. Goren-Inbar
1999 Soft Percussor use at the Gesher Benot Ya´aqov Acheulian Site? Mitekufat Haeven - Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society 28:55-79.

Sharon, G. and A. N. Goring-Morris
2004 Knives, Bifaces, and Hammers: A Study in Technology from the Southern Levant. Eurasian Prehistory 2(1):53-76.

Sharon, G., O. Marder and E. Boaretto
A Note on14C Dates from the Epi-Paleolithic Site at Gesher Benot Ya´aqov. Mitekufat Haeven - Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society 32:5-15.

In Preparation

Grosman, L., G. Sharon, D. Yasur, E. Buarreto, R. d. Grott and D. Ben-Ami
In Preparation In Situ? A case study from Har Kramim - Late Pleistocene Site in the Northern Golan Heights

Sharon, G., C. Feibel, R. Rabinovich, Y. Harlavan, G. Fruind, S. Ashkenazi and N. Alperson-Afil
In Preparation. New Acheulian site North of Gesher Benot Ya´aqov: Fauna, Lithic Assemblage and Ar/Ar Date.

Sharon, G., L. Grosman, O. Smikt and U. Snilansky
In Preparation. Quantifying Breakage Damage on Bifaces and its implication on accumulation environment reconstruction.

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