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Isotopic anatomy of a glacial cycle in the Pleistocene Gesher Benot Ya’aqov lakeside sediments, Upper Jordan Valley; a key to environmental prediction

  • The geochemistry and dating research group aims to establish a robust set of tools and criteria for tracing environmental and climate change based on the stable isotope and chemical composition of constituents of lacustrine and related sediments
  • The site of Gesher Benot Ya‘aqov provides data on the isotopic composition of inorganic and organic constituents of taxa that are indicative of certain environmental conditions in the terrestrial and aquatic habitats and those that are tolerant and therefore ubiquitous
  • Prof. Starinsky and Dr. Spiro at work in 2007.
    Prof. Starinsky and Dr. Spiro at work in 2007.
    a method to refine the dating of the main features of the record will be developed and provide a tool for the assessment of the rate of change of the respective geochemical and isotopic parameters and their interrelation

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