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Ayelet Gilboa, Avshalom Karasik, Ilan Sharon and Uzy Smilansky Towards computerized typology and classification of ceramics. Journal of Archaeological Sciences. 31,681-694 (2004).

Avshalom Karasik, Ilan Sharon, Uzy Smilansky and Ayelet Gilboa  Typology and classification of ceramics based on curvature analysis. [Enter the Past ] - The E-way into the four Dimensions of Cultural Heritage, CAA 2003. Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Proc. of the 31st Conference, Vienna 2003. Publisher: Archeopress, Oxford England.  Ed. K. Fischer Ausserer et al. BAR International Series 1227, 472-477 (2004).

Idit Saragusti, Avshalom Karasik, Ilan Sharon and Uzy Smilansky Quantitative analysis of shape attributes based on contours and section profiles in archaeological research.  Journal of Archaeological Sciences. 32, 841-853 (2005).

Avshalom Karasik, Uzy Smilansky and Itzhaq Beit-Arieh New typological analysis of early bronze age holemouth jars from Tel Arad and Southern Sinai. Tel Aviv 32, 19-31 (2005).

Avshalom Karasik and Uzy Smilansky 3D Scanning Technology as a Standard Archaeological Tool for Pottery Analysis: Practice and Theory. Journal of Archaeological Sciences. In press (2007). 

L. Grosman, O. Smikt, U. Smilansky. 2008. On the application of 3-D scanning technology for the documentation and typology of lithic artifacts. Journal of Archaeological Science 35 3101–3110.

D. Adan-Bayewitz, A. Karasik, U. Smilansky, F. Asaro, R. D. Giauque, and R. Lavidor.
Differentiation of ceramic chemical element composition and vessel morphology at a pottery production center in Roman Galilee. Submitted to Journal of Archaeological Science.

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