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Dr. Yoel Melamed

Research interests

  • Paleoenvironments and ecology; the economy and diet of early man
  • Plant domestication and the origin of cultivated plants
  • Taxonomy and ecology of plants in Israel
  • Designing tools, such as computerized keys, for identification of plant remains

List of Publications

Kislev, M. E., Simchoni, O., Melamed, Y. and Marmorstein, M. 1995. Computerized key for grass grains of Israel and its adjacent regions. In: H. Kroll and R. Pasternak (eds.). Res Archaeobotanicae. Oetker-Voges, Kiel, pp. 69-79.

Melamed, Y. 1996. Dry and charred grains from ‘Afula – A taphonomic approach. ‘Atiqot 30:69-70.

Kislev, M., Melamed, Y., Simchoni, O. and Marmorstein, M. 1997. Computerized key of grass grains of the Mediterranean basin. Lagascalia 19(1-2): 289-294.

Kislev, M. E., Simchoni, O., Melamed, Y. and Marmorstein, M. 1999. Computerized Key for archaeological grains: first steps. In: S. Pike and S. Gitin (eds.). The Practical Impact of Science on Near Eastern and Aegean Archaeology. Wiener Lab. Publ. 3, Archetype, London, pp. 29-31.

Goren-Inbar, N., Feibel, C. S., Verosub, K. L., Melamed, Y., Kislev, M. E., Tchernov, E. and Saragusti, I. 2000. Pleistocene milestones on the out-of-Africa corridor at Gesher Benot Ya’aqov, Israel. Science 289: 944-947.

Kislev, M. and Melamed, Y. 2000. Ancient infested wheat and horsebean at Horvat Rosh Zait. Israel Antiquities Authority Reports 8: 206-220.

Goren-Inbar, N., Sharon, G., Melamed, Y. and Kislev, M. 2002. Nuts, nut cracking and pitted stones at Gesher Benot Ya’aqov, Israel. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (4): 2455-2460.

Kislev, M. E. and Melamed, Y. 2002. The burnt plants. In: Y. Goren and P. Fabian (eds).  Kissufim Road a Chalcolithic mortuary site. Israel Antiquities Authority Reports 16:55-56.

Melamed, Y. 2002. Chalcolithic and Hellenistic plant remains from cave V/49. Atiqot 41(2):101-108.

Goren-Inbar, N., Alperson, N., Kislev, M. E., Simchni, O., Melamed, Y., Ben-Nun, A. and Werker, E. 2004. Evidence of huminin control of fire at Gesher Benot Ya’aqov, Israel. Science 304: 725-727.

Melamed, Y. and Kislev, M.E. 2005. Remains of seeds, fruits and insects from the excavations in the village of ‘En Gedi. Atiqot 49:89*-102*, 139-140 (Hebrew with English summary).

Kislev, M.E., Melamed, Y. and Langsam, Y. 2006. Plant remains from Timnah (Tel Batash). In: N. Panitz-Cohen and A. Mazar (eds.). Timnah (Tel Batash) III: The Finds from the Second Millennium BCE (Qedem 45). The Hebrew University Jerusalem, pp. 295-310.

Kislev, M. E., Simchoni, O., Melamed, Y. 2006.  Plant remains. In: Y. Garfinkel and D. Dag (eds.). Gesher, A Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Site in the Central Jordan Valley, Israel. ex Oriente, Berlin, pp. 187-191.

Simchoni, O., Kislev, M. E. and Melamed, Y. 2007. Bet-Shean as a trade center of crops in the Bronze Age: botanical and entomological evidence. In: A. Mazar and R. A. Mullins (eds.). Excavation at Tel Bet-Shean 1989-1996. Vol. I, Area R. The Israel Exploration Society and the Institute of Archaeology, HUJ, Jerusalem, pp. 702-715.

Melamed, Y. Plitmann, U. and Kislev, M. E. 2008. Vicia peregrina an edible Early Neolithic legume. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 17 (suppl. 1): S29-S34. doi:10.1007/s00334-008-0166-6.

Melamed, Y. Plitmann, U., Shmida, A. and Golan, O. Lathyrus clymenum L. in Israel: A “revival” of an ancient species. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences (accepted).

Spiro, B., Ashkenazi, S., Mienis H.K., Melamed Y., Goren, N. Climate variability in the Upper Jordan Valley at 0.78Ma inferences from palaeoecology and time-series stable isotopes of Viviparidae. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology (accepted).

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