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Prof. Baruch Spiro
Prof. Baruch Spiro

Within the broad field of environmental geochemistry, current interests encompass paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic records archived mainly in lake sediments, peat and coal, as indicated by isotopic (carbon, oxygen, sulphur and strontium) inorganic and organic geochemistry, and their relation to global carbon cycling. Study areas include the Hula Valley (Israel), Powder River Basin (USA), Sichuan and Yunnan (P.R. China). A related topic is the distribution of minerals and trace elements that are hazardous to health, mainly in carbon-rich sediments and fossil fuels, and their geological and enviromnmental controls.

Publications (selected):

Baruch Spiro publication 2002-2008 relevant to the GBY research

Sanchez Almazo I, Spiro B. Braga J.C. and Martin J.M. 2002 Constraints of stable isotope signatures on the depositional palaeoenvironments of upper Miocene reef and temperate carbonates in the Sorbas basin, SE Spain. Palaeogeography,Palaeoclimatology and Palaeoecology special volume "Palaeoceanography of reefs and carbonate platforms. Miocene to Recent” 175 153-172.

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Mannino M., Spiro B.F. and Thomas K.D. 2003: Sampling shells for seasonality: oxygen isotope analysis on shell carbonates of the inter-tidal gastropod Monodonta lineata (da Costa) from populations across its northern range and from a Mesolithic site in southern Britain. Journal of Archaeological Science 30 667-679.

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Belogub E.V., Novoselov K.A., Yakovleva V.A. and Spiro B. 2008: Supergene sulphides and related minerals in supergene  profiles of VHMS deposits from the South Urals. Ore Geology Reviews 33 239-254.

Williamson B.J., Purvis O.W., Mikhailova I.N. and Spiro B. 2008: The lichen transplant methodology in the source apportionment of metal deposition around a copper smelter in the former mining town of Karabash, Russia Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 141 227-236.

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Eckardt F.D., Bryant R.G., McCulloch G., Spiro B. and Wood W. 2008: The hydrochemistry of a semi-arid pan basin case study: Sua Pan Makgadigkgadi, Botswana Applied Geochemistry 23 1563-1580.

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