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Dr. Shosh Ashkenazi
The Gesher Benot Ya`akov expedition regrets to announce the untimely passing of Dr. Shoshana Ashkenazi on 6 April 2010. She was a most valued member of our team who will be greatly missed.


Dr. Shosh Ashkenazi

Dr. Shoshana Ashkenazi - Academic background in biology and ecosystems ecology, with experience in field research and conservation management of diverse ecosystems of fauna and flora in Israel. The main field of interest is wetlands and their conservation and management, with emphasis on their avifauna. Studies have been carried out in the Hula Valley wetlands and in Alaska, South Africa and Shetland.  Since 2002 involvement in study of prehistoric sites in the Hula and Jordan Valleys, particularly GBY, with emphasis on their invertebrate fauna (crustaceans and mollusks) and elements indicating climate change.


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